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The Civil War Round Table of Greater Boston, since its beginnings in 1957, has been a leader in Local and National Preservation Efforts, in Local Veterans and Reenactor Efforts, and in the Educational Outreach to our Schoolchildren, by going out into the School Systems and by bringing these youngsters into our organization as equal members. According to the late Jerry Russell of The Civil War Round Table Associates, Greater Boston is the 13th OLDEST CWRT on the Planet Earth!!!!!

The Civil War Round Table of Greater Boston is open to ANYONE, wherever they live, of ANY age, sex, color, gender, or Historical persuasion on this great and tragic event. We welcome ALL who have ANY interest in History, not necessarily Civil War, who would like to join us at our meetings of oral and written Presentations, Four Days In May Battlefield Tours, Seminars, or Veteran and Reenactor Events.

April 2017 ............................................Volume MMVXI..........No. 54

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS.........................................................................

CIVIL WAR ROUND TABLE of GREATER BOSTON meets every FOURTH (4th) Friday of each month at 7:15 p.m. (PLEASE NOTE the new starting time)This is true except for November and December, which due to National Holidays are now held as a Joint Xmas Party meeting with the Northshore/Lynn Chapter in early December. All meetings are now generally held at The Waltham Community Room (downstairs )at The Waltham Clarke Government Center Building 119 School St./corner Lexington St. (enter from the rear where there is parking). In case of inclement weather, please check local Radio Stations for late news President: David L. Smith 3 Waverley Oaks Rd. #202 Waltham, Ma. 02452-6274 Tel: (781) 647-3332 or Email:

CIVIL WAR ROUND TABLE of CENTRAL MASSACHUSETTS (CWRT, INC.) meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month at the Holden Senior Center on Main St. in Holden, Ma. at 7:00 p.m. along with some meetings at off site locations in Worcester. President: Bob Carlson, email:

CIVIL WAR ROUND TABLE of CAPE COD meets each month on the Third (3rd) Mondayof the month at 1:00 p.m. at The Yarmouth Senior Citizen Center at 528 Forest Drive Yarmouth off Exit 8 on Rte. 6 with more informal meetings duuing the summertimes. President: Fred Wexler at or John Myers Programming at Telephone..(508) 896-6421

THE GREATER NEW BEDFORD CIVIL WAR ROUND TABLE meets on the fourth Tuesday of each monthat the Fort Taber Military Museum meets on Fourth Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. 1000 S. Rodney French Blvd. New Bedford .....Joe Langlois, President at

THE GENERAL LANDER CIVIL WAR ROUND TABLE meets on the second (2nd) Friday of each month at The Lynn G.A.R. Hall on 58 Andrews St. in Lynn, Ma. at 7:30 p.m. with occasional offsite meetings and Special Events in the Northshore President: Dexter Bishop 387 Old Boston Rd. Topsfield, Ma. 01983 Tel: (978) 887 - 2264 EMAIL: or or their Website (currently under revision)

CIVIL WAR ROUND TABLE of NORTH WORCESTER COUNTY/LEOMINSTER meets on the second (2nd) Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Leominster Historical Society 50 School St. Leominster, Ma. 01453 also invites ALL to visit us Information Contact:President, Tim Shea at or 508-963-0559. For information please contact Tom Bailey at

THE OLDE COLONY CIVIL WAR ROUND TABLE meets on the Third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at The Endicott Estate at 656 East St. in Dedham with Mini Bit speakers as well as a regular presentation....go to or President Joe Dipoli at


Minutes of CWRT of Greater Boston Meeting of Friday, April 28, 2017

The meeting began with the pledge of allegiance.   CWRTGB President Dave Smith mentioned that this year was the 60th anniversary of our group which started in 1957.  He mentioned about possibly celebrating this at the upcoming Oliver Wendel Holmes dinner.  Dave mentioned about talking with cities and towns about presenting history talks in their schools.  Dave mentioned about 4 civil war swords that were found at the Paine Estate in Waltham that need to be cleaned.

Al Smith talked about the upcoming 5 days in May trip.  There is currently only 1 spot left. He mentioned that we will not be able to visit the Garrett Farm because it is now owned by the US Army.  We will only be able to drive by.   Al mentioned that next year’s trip will have a Navel Theme.  We will be visiting Williamsburg(civil war and colonial), Norfolk and Newport News(USS Monitor Museum).  Still to be decided whether we will travel down by Air or Bus.

Dave then introduced Frank Kiley who spoke about the 50th Georgia Regiment. Frank mentioned that his talk was based on the book “Wiregrass to Appomattox: The Untold Story of the 5oth Georgia Infantry Regiment” by James W. Parish.

Jefferson Davis request for volunteers was answered mostly by rural framers making up the 50th Georgia.   In March 1862, the regiment was organized in Savanah. At the regiments formation, there were 906 soldiers.   They received no military training , but spent time digging entrenchments.  Only two of the soldiers had any prior military training. Nearly 1/3 of the troops were disabled due to illness by the time that they left Savanah.   They traveled on to Richmond from Savanah where they to Drayton’s brigade of David R. Jones Division of Longstreet’s Command.

They fought at Second Manassas where nine of the men were wounded during an attack on Cobbs Hill.  The regiment suffered from a lack of supplies that got worse as the war went on.  This included a lack of food, boot and uniforms.  The regiment went on to fight at Fox Cap in the battle of South Mountain where a number of men and officers were wounded or killed because another regiment failed to show up. They then went on to fight at Antietam.  The regiment came under heavy attack at the Burnside Bridge and retreated, but were saved by AP Hill’s troops. 

They retreated to Northern Virginia and then on to the battle Fredericksburg where they were in backup support and did not see action.  They spent the upcoming winter near Fredericksburg.  The regiment again saw action in the battle of Chancellorsville where they were used as a deception by Lee.  They were ordered on to Salem Church where they suffered over 50 % casualties.  It was at this time that the letters home from the men stopped being optimistic.   The regiment then went on to fight at Gettysburg where they were assigned to Longstreet’s right flank and engaged in a bloody battle with Sickles Core. 

They then went on to fight at the Siege of Knoxville where the union army just picked them off as they tried to scale a wall resulting in 40% casualties.  The soldiers said that the following winter of 1863/64 was the worst that they had ever seen.  They next fought at the Battle of the Wilderness where they drove Hancock’s Core back.  They next saw action at the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House and then went on to fight at Cold Harbor where they help decimate General Grant’s Troops. 

In August of 1864, they were assigned to Jubal Early in the Shenandoah Valley.  They were ordered back to Richmond but then then went on to fight in the Battle of Cedar Creek where they drove the union forces back at 5:30 AM, but suffered severe casualties latter in the day.  In November, they returned to Richmond. In April of 1865, they fought at the Battle of Sailor’s Creek where they were overrun and many were captured.  At Appomattox Court House only 27 soldiers remained of which only 17 were part of the original regiment organized at Savanah.








This section will now show proper respect to the fallem of Massachusetts with notices from The Governor's Office for the lowering of the Flags to Half Staff.....

Please be advised that Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has ordered that the United States flag and the Commonwealth flag be lowered to half-staff at all state buildings from sunrise until sunset on Friday, March 31, 2017 in honor of CPL Jules Hauterman, Jr. MIA 1950 – 2016.


Flags to be retired can be from government entities, businesses, or residences.

Flags can be dropped off at the Massport Fire Station on Harborside Drive at Logan Airport or at the security desk in the Logan Office Center, also on Harborside Drive.

Flags can also be mailed to the Security Office, One Harborside Drive, Suite 200 S, Boston, MA 02128.

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G IVE ME YOUR TIRED, YOUR POOR, YOUR HUDDLED CIVIL WAR MASSES!!!! YEARNING TO HAVE FUN THE CIVIL WAR WAY!!!! JOIN US WHEREVER YOU ARE!!!! ATTEND WHEN YOU CAN BECAUSE YOU LOVE HISTORY!!!********************************************************************************************************************************THIS MONTH IN CIVIL WAR HISTORY.......Important dates to remember.....Important People and Battles.....

On April 3, 1865, Richmond Surrenders.....On April 6 - 7, 1862, Battle of Shiloh.....On April 9, 1865, Lee surrenders at Appomattox Court House.....On April 10, 1806, Gen. Leonidas Polk, CS, born......On April 12, 1861, Confederates fire on
Fort Sumter.....On April 14, 1865, Lincoln assassinated.....On April 19, 1862, Battle of South Mills.....On April 27, 1822, Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, US, born.....On April 29, 1862, New Orleans surrenders to Union.

ON ANY DAY, remember our Flag, our Veterans, and our POWs!!! ..LET US NEVER FORGET!!!!!

God Bless The Republic. God Bless our service men and women. May all of our honored dead rest in peace.American War. (Editor's Note...As it says at the end of This Month etc.....Let us NEVER FORGET!!