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The Civil War Round Table of Greater Boston, since its beginnings in 1957, has been a leader in Local and National Preservation Efforts, in Local Veterans and Reenactor Efforts, and in the Educational Outreach to our Schoolchildren, by going out into the School Systems and by bringing these youngsters into our organization as equal members. According to the late Jerry Russell of The Civil War Round Table Associates, Greater Boston is the 13th OLDEST CWRT on the Planet Earth!!!!!

The Civil War Round Table of Greater Boston is open to ANYONE, wherever they live, of ANY age, sex, color, gender, or Historical persuasion on this great and tragic event. We welcome ALL who have ANY interest in History, not necessarily Civil War, who would like to join us at our meetings of oral and written Presentations, Four Days In May Battlefield Tours, Seminars, or Veteran and Reenactor Events.

September 2018 ............................................Volume MMVXI..........No. 61

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS.........................................................................

CIVIL WAR ROUND TABLE of GREATER BOSTON meets every FOURTH (4th) Friday of each month at 7:15 p.m. (PLEASE NOTE the new starting time)This is true except for November and December, which due to National Holidays are now held as a Joint Xmas Party meeting with the Northshore/Lynn Chapter in early December. All meetings are now generally held at The Waltham Community Room (downstairs )at The Waltham Clarke Government Center Building 119 School St./corner Lexington St. (enter from the rear where there is parking). In case of inclement weather, please check local Radio Stations for late news President: David L. Smith 3 Waverley Oaks Rd. #202 Waltham, Ma. 02452-6274 Tel: (781) 647-3332 or Email:

CIVIL WAR ROUND TABLE of CENTRAL MASSACHUSETTS (CWRT, INC.) meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month at the Holden Senior Center on Main St. in Holden, Ma. at 7:00 p.m. along with some meetings at off site locations in Worcester. President: Bob Carlson, email:

CIVIL WAR ROUND TABLE of CAPE COD meets each month on the Third (3rd) Mondayof the month at 1:00 p.m. at The Yarmouth Senior Citizen Center at 528 Forest Drive Yarmouth off Exit 8 on Rte. 6 with more informal meetings duuing the summertimes. President: Fred Wexler at or John Myers Programming at Telephone..(508) 896-6421

THE GREATER NEW BEDFORD CIVIL WAR ROUND TABLE meets on the fourth Tuesday of each monthat the Fort Taber Military Museum meets on Fourth Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. 1000 S. Rodney French Blvd. New Bedford .....Joe Langlois, President at

THE GENERAL LANDER CIVIL WAR ROUND TABLE meets on the second (2nd) Friday of each month at The Lynn G.A.R. Hall on 58 Andrews St. in Lynn, Ma. at 7:30 p.m. with occasional offsite meetings and Special Events in the Northshore President: Dexter Bishop 387 Old Boston Rd. Topsfield, Ma. 01983 Tel: (978) 887 - 2264 EMAIL: or or their Website (currently under revision)

CIVIL WAR ROUND TABLE of NORTH WORCESTER COUNTY/LEOMINSTER meets on the second (2nd) Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Leominster Historical Society 50 School St. Leominster, Ma. 01453 also invites ALL to visit us Information Contact:President, Tim Shea at or 508-963-0559. For information please contact Tom Bailey at

THE OLDE COLONY CIVIL WAR ROUND TABLE meets on the Third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at The Endicott Estate at 656 East St. in Dedham with Mini Bit speakers as well as a regular presentation....go to or President Joe Dipoli at


Minutes of CWRT of Greater Boston Meeting September 2018

Al Smith reminded us that dues are due. Please pay your membership dues if you have not already done so.

Al also provided some details on next year’s trip.

Next year’s May trip will be 5 days in Washington DC with Kate Ramirez as our guide. We will tour the National Archives to see the Original Constitution, the Gettysburg Address, the Declaration of Independence and other documents. WE will visit the Newseum to see news of past and present. We will visit the summer home of Abraham Lincoln and the Soldiers and Airmen National Cemetery where we will lay a wreath at the grave of Maj. Gen. John Logan. Also planned are a Civil War Meeting at the Lincoln Memorial and a tour of the Pentagon. Stay tuned for more details.

Dave then introduce Frank Kiley who spoke to us about the life of Major General Daniel Sickles.

Sickles was a very controversial figure. He was born in August of 1819 into the 7th generation of Dutch reformists. He received his early education at the hands of his future wife’s(Teressa Bagioli) family in New York City. He went on to marry her in 1852. He studied law in the office of Benjamin Butler and was admitted to the bar in 1846. He was assigned to the US legation in London by President Franklin Pierce. He was censored by the New York State Assembly for escorting Fanny White, a known prostitute into his chambers. He also took her to London while his wife was pregnant. While in London, he partied and gambled and did not get much work done. He returned to the United States in 1855 where he was elected as a member of the New York State Senate In 1856, he was elected as a democrat to congress where he served 2 terms.

In 1859, in Lafayette Square, Sickles shot and killed Philip Barton Key II, the son of Francis Scott Key. Key had been having an affair with Sickles Wife Teresa. Sickles was arrested and charged with murder. At his trial, he pleaded temporary insanity. The temporary insanity defense worked. Sickles was declared not guilty. The jury felt that Keys was a scoundrel who deserved what he got.

In 1861, Sickles raised a brigade and asked President Lincoln to make the brigade part of the Federal Army. Lincoln who was friendly toward Sickles agreed. Sickles became $280,000 in debt for his efforts. Sickles was promoted to Brigadier General of Volunteers in September of 1861.

In December of 1861, President Lincoln’s State of The Union speech was published without his permission in the New York Herald. Sickles helped Lincoln resolve the problem.

Sickles was close friends with Maj. General Joe Hooker. They were both womanizers who liked their liquor. Sickles was promoted to Brigadier General of Volunteers in September of 1861. In 1862, Sickles and his Excelsior brigade did a competent job of fighting during the Peninsula Campaign. Sickles was subsequently assigned as a division commander of the III corps guarding Washington DC.

In January of 1863, Lincoln nominated Sickles for promotion to the grade of major general. Sickles friend Hooker who was now commanding the Army of the Potomac gave Sickles command of the III Corps in February of 1863.

In the battle if Chancellorsville, Sickles gave Hooker wrong information mistaking a flanking maneuver by Stonewall Jackson’s corps and telling Hooker that they were retreating confederate troops.

Following the battle Hooker ordered Sickles north to Gettysburg. On July 2nd, Meade ordered Sickles’ corps to take up a defensive position on the Southern end of Cemetery Ridge. Sickles was unhappy to see the “Peach Orchard,” a slightly higher terrain to his front. He ignored Meade’s orders and marched his troops forward to occupy the Peach Orchard. This diluted the defensive position of his Corps and left his troops in a position that could be bombarded and attacked from multiple sides. Meade rode up to Sickles position and asked sickles what he was doing there. Sickles volunteered to withdraw, but Meade said the it was too late. Soon after the confederates attacked Sickles position. Sickles was wounded by a cannonball that mangled his right leg which then had to be amputated.

On July 6th, the NY Times called him a hero. After the battle Sickles criticized Meade to Lincoln. In October of 1863, Sickles went to the headquarters of the Union Army and met with Meade and asked that he be reinstated. Meade told him no because of his Physical condition.

In March of 1864, Sickles again criticized Meade to the congressional commission on the conduct of the war. In December of 1864 Sickles met with Mary Todd Lincoln and demanded to see the President. During a conversation between Ira Harris and Mary Todd Lincoln’s sister, Sickles made some derogatory comments. HE was soon escorted from the white House and never invited back.

Following the war, Stanton appointed Sickles to be military governor of North and South Carolina. Following this, President Grant appointed Sickles as envoy to Spain. While in Spain, Sickles had relations with the deposed Queen Isabella II. His wife Teresa died in 1867 while Sickles was in Spain. In 1871, Sickles married Carmina Creagh, one of Queen Isabella’s aids.

Sickles was recalled in 1872 and appointed to lead the New York monuments commission. In 1892, Sickles was again elected to congress where in 1894, he sponsored legislation creating the Gettysburg National Military Park. In 1912, Sickles was removed from his post on the Monuments Commission because of missing funds and convicted of Larceny and put on house arrest.

During his later years in New York, Sickles became attached to a housekeeper named Elanor Wilmerding. His wife Carmina and son Stanton demanded that she be removed from the house. Instead Sickles had his wife and son removed to a nearby hotel.

Sickles final public appearance was at the fiftieth anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg in July 1913. He was old and frail and accompanied by Wilmerding and his valet. Sickles died on May 3, 1914 and was buried in Arlington National Cemetary.








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G IVE ME YOUR TIRED, YOUR POOR, YOUR HUDDLED CIVIL WAR MASSES!!!! YEARNING TO HAVE FUN THE CIVIL WAR WAY!!!! JOIN US WHEREVER YOU ARE!!!! ATTEND WHEN YOU CAN BECAUSE YOU LOVE HISTORY!!!********************************************************************************************************************************THIS MONTH IN CIVIL WAR HISTORY.......Important dates to remember.....Important People and Battles.....

On February 1, 1861, Texas Secedes.....On February 1, 1865, Sherman begins Carolina Campaign........On Feb. 2, 1803, Gen. Albert S. Johnston, CS, born...... On Feb. 3, 1807,Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, CS, born.....On Feb. 6, 1832 , Gen.  John Brown Gorden, CS, born.....On Feb. 6, 1833, Gen. J.E.B. Stuart, CS, born.....On Feb. 8, 1820, Gen. William T. Sherman, US, born.....On Feb. 8, 1862, Battle of Roanoke Island.....On Feb. 9, 1861, Jefferson Davis elected President of the Confederacy......OnFeb. 12, 1809, Abraham Lincoln born......On Feb. 13, 1862, Battle of Fort Donelson......On Feb. 14, 1824, Gen. Winfield S. Hancock, US, born

ON ANY DAY, remember our Flag, our Veterans, and our POWs!!! ..LET US NEVER FORGET!!!!!

God Bless The Republic. God Bless our service men and women. May all of our honored dead rest in peace.American War. (Editor's Note...As it says at the end of This Month etc.....Let us NEVER FORGET!!