The Civil War Round Table of Greater Boston is leading the charge into the future of Educational Reform in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by bringing our programs and Historical Knowledge to the Schoolchildren, and by also bring these Schoolchildren to our Programs, our Battlefield Tours, and our associated Veterans and Reenactor Groups.

We have been leading this charge since the early 1990s, going into the School systems of Massachusetts, with students from the fourth to the twelfth grade levels. We bring our information to these students with our artifacts and show & tell sessions, and sometimes in our Living History or Reenactor attire. We speak from our viewpoint as Historians, working in concert with the Teachers and the school curricula. From time to time, we will also venture out of the Civil War era into other aspects of our American History when requested and appropriate, and without imposing our personal or Political viewpoints on these sessions.

During these past years, we have also brought some of these bright young ladies and gentlemen into our organization as equal members, and given them the personal one on one views of the Battlefields and the noted Historians and writers and other Historical experts. The exposure that they have had to the profound need for protecting our past and our Historical sites and artifacts, has also shown results in the growth that we have seen, as they approach adulthood.

Through the Scholarship efforts and Legislation that we have filed (still awaiting enactmnent) for Education & Preservation Efforts, it will become easier for these young men and women to enjoy their History. We have come to know some truly remarkable examples of today's youth, and have tried to remind them that as they are moving through their lives, and possibly into Space, that they should bring their History with them. We are always seeking more of these young men and women of this Commonwealth who have an interest in History (not necessarily Civil War), and would enjoy sharing this great passion for this subject by touring the battlefields and Historical Sites with us, and by meeting the Historical experts that we meet.

As we do with all of our visits into the community, The Civil War Round Table of Greater Boston does not accept any payments, although they do request that any monies that is found from a 'Friends' group or the like, is donated to whatever Local Preservation effort. If there is no such Local effort, then we will have that amount donated in their names to a legitimate Massachusetts effort.


For more information and details, please contact:

David L. Smith, President 3 Waverly Oaks Rd. #202 Waltham, Ma. 02452-6274.....................or Email: